Level 1 Sewing

  • Bound Seam Allowances (binding)

    A bound seam allowance is a great way to finish the seams of unlined garments. It can also be used as a decorative feature of a garment.
  • Bias Facing with Topstitching

    Bias facing can be used when a smaller profile is desired around garment openings such as necklines and armholes. In this version of bias facing, the facing is turned to the inside of the garment.
  • Bias Binding with Topstitching

    Bias binding is a great way to finish open area of a garment. Similar to the bound seam finish, bias binding is mostly used as a decorative element seen on the outside of a garment.
  • Spaghetti Straps/Cording - 1/8" Finished

    Bias spaghetti straps are predominantly used as shoulder straps for dresses, but the spaghetti can also be used for decorative purposes. You will need loop turner for this exercise.
  • Piping 1/4" Finished

    Piping can be a really nice decorative detail. It can be found on the edges of bustier dresses and collars, but can also be used on many other areas of garments. You need a piece of cording or thin rope for this exercise.
  • Cutting & Joining Bias Strips

    In this exercise you will be taught to ways of joining bias strips. One way is for when the ends of the strips are cut at an angel. The other way is for squared corners.