Q. Where's my pattern?
A. All purchased pattern will be on your account page. Go to your purchases and select the SewItLikeAMan purchase to download your pattern.

Q. How many times can I print the pattern?
A. There are no print quantity limitations.

Q. I can't view the "How To" video for cutting & taping my pattern together.
A. If for any reason you cannot view the pattern tutorial video in your PDF, you can view each pattern tutorial at sewitlikeaman.com under the appropriate pattern category.

Q. Can I sell what I make with your pattern?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Can I share your pattern with a friend?
A. Although there are no security limitation on the pattern PDFs, I do encourage you to be honest in your approach to sharing files. I spent many hours building the pattern, shooting the videos, writing the instructions and packaging the products for sale. I would hope that you would be understanding that I would like to make some profit from them. I do try to keep my prices reasonable. It also helps me pay back my student loans!

Q. Will the pattern print in A4 format?
A. Yes! I have created the print tile to work in all home printers around the world!

Q. Pattern did not print the correct size.
A. You must set your printer to print in "ACTUAL SIZE". Do not select "Fit to Page" or any other scaling. I have created the print tiles appropriately for all printers world wide. Please use the 1X1 calibration square available on one of the pattern pages to see if it has printed correctly. The square should measure 1 inch by 1 inch.