Introduction to your Sewing Machine (Home & Industrial)

Of course, you will need a sewing machine. If you are a beginner, it’s my recommendation that you not spend a lot of money on a machine. I recommend this because although you are eager to sew, you haven’t yet developed enough skill to decide if sewing is something that is right for you. Sometimes when we want to learn a new skill, along the way we realize that maybe it’s not something we really want to do after all. If you can, borrow a sewing machine from a family member or friend before you purchase.
It’s difficult to give a lot of suggestions as to what machine you should buy, but I would recommend that you set your price range. For a beginner spending $100 to $300 is a fair recommendation. There are plenty of machines in this price range to choose from. Also, keep in mind that after you purchase a machine, you will still need to purchase other tools and of course fabric and supplies for projects.
There are a few specifics I think you should look for when searching for a machine to purchase. The first thing I would look for is a machine that has the capability of making a buttonhole. Not just any buttonhole, but an “all-in-one” step buttonhole. There are machines that have multiple step buttonholes; this can be frustrating, as you will need to plan the size of your buttonhole manually. All-in-one buttonholes come with a specific presser foot that you set the button into, hit a button on your machine and it makes the complete buttonhole for you based on the button you choose. Another convenience to look for is a thread trimmer. Although this isn’t a necessity, it is nice to have, and once you get use to this function you will never want to go back to not having a thread trimmer. Also, most machines today have a needle threader, which comes in handy if your eye sight isn’t that great. Some are automatic, but usually the lower priced machines are manual, which means it will thread the needle, but you will need to manually load the thread once the threader has passed through the eye of the needle. You could also look for speed control. Some machines have a lever that slides from slow to fast. This is nice for beginners because getting use to operating the foot pedal for various speeds can be challenging. Below are 3 sewing machine orientation videos; Home Sewing Machine, Industrial Sewing Machine & Industrial Overlock.



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