This weeks releases are for a posing suit and bikini. There are two separate patterns (as separate files) for this style.

Both styles are similar and are based on the THONG pattern, which I've heard is a favorite among the, shall we say, more equipped men.

View A features elastic at the center back that creates a gathered more "full" look. It also separates the buttock cheeks. The elastic that is used for the leg openings and the waist is 3/8" wide. There is no drawstring for this suit.

View B features a 1" elastic waistband with drawstring.

Of course you could add the elastic to view B if you like and vice versa, you could not apply the elastic to view A. Both front pouches are exactly the same.

Purchase this pattern here: 024 POSING SUIT/BIKINI

This pattern is priced a bit higher than the others because of the 2 views, and there are two separate videos, one for each View.

The videos can be viewed here: 024 POSING SUIT/BIKINI TUTORIALS

Also, I have heard from a few customers for specific patterns and I assure you that those are in the works! As the holidays are fast approaching I'll be uploading some free patterns for holidays gift ideas; along with video tutorials to make them!

Have a wonderful week!