Well, here it is the end of October and as promised more pattern releases!

Today I released Leggings, Bodysuit and Wrestling Singlet patterns

You can click the following links for the product pages below.

If you have been keeping up with my updates, I promised one other pattern; the full waist backless brief. Well, I ran into some grading problems and I couldn't quite get it right. So, I'll continue to work on that. I do a lot of samples and testing on the patterns before I release them. I won't release anything until I'm happy with it; and I can be kind of picky.

What's coming up in November? Honestly, I don't have a lot planned, with the exception of some more free patterns. These will be geared towards the holiday gift giving, so they probably won't be apparel. Although I think I have a beanie pattern and perhaps a "long-john" style legging. Would anyone like an apron pattern?

Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel Robert Joseph Sewing for other tutorials.

I'm working on some sewing courses geared toward the fashion/apparel production environment, which is very different from home sewing. This will keep me busy most of November and December, but I promise to try to keep weekly updates while I'm working on that!

I'm also keeping in mind that we are heading into the holiday season and the Black Friday is just a few weeks away. I'm trying to decide what kind of sale I'll have for that. I don't have a huge product catalog, but it will be something nonetheless.

Also, you can following my FB and Instagram pages by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. I need to work on my social media so I'll be posting a lot during the next couple of months!

If you have any suggestions for patterns you would like to see, please email me using the contact page!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!