OK, so I haven't been very good about posting here; my bad!

I have been very busy creating new products for you, as mentioned in my previous post. In fact I've been so busy I forgot to post that I added a jockstrap pattern. This one is different that the free jockstrap.

026 Contoured Jockstrap comes with 2 views. One view covers the entire front portion of the body just like a swimwear. The other only covers a portion of the front body. What is unique about both views is that the front pouch is contoured.

contured jockstrap

The contour creates a rounded lower cup, which offers more comfort of a fuller pouch. This pouch will definitely fit your "boys" comfortably instead of squishing them!

Also, there are 2 separate tutorial videos which can be watched on my tutorials page!

I have a huge post coming tomorrow, which means more patterns! So stay tuned!

Robert :)

026 - Contoured Jockstrap - click for pattern!

026 - Contoured Jockstrap Tutorials - click for page!