Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to Sew It Like A Man! I’m Robert Joseph, owner and designer of Sew It Like A Man sewing patterns for men’s apparel.

I’m very excited to add my own website to the world. It’s been a long time coming and now all my patterns and video tutorials can be found in one place!

Although I have had great success on the Etsy platform, I felt that it was my duty to make sure that all my customers could easily find all the information they needed to make their garments in one place.

I will still maintain a presence on Etsy, however I will not be listing my new products there. All my new products beginning in October will be available exclusively on my site (www.sewitlikeaman.com) only.

For those of you who are not inclined to make your own garments, you will also find custom made garments here. Cut to order and handmade by me! These pieces will be in my Robert Joseph Apparel section.

I will also be posting weekly news, announcements and information on this blog.

Check weekly for possible goodies and freebies like the one below! I get quite a few requests for specific types of garments and I’m working hard to bring those to you! One of the most common requests is a jockstrap. There are a lot of different types of jockstraps out there; some get quite fancy! However, I thought maybe just a basic jock to get things started. It’s just one pattern piece, so I thought I’d offer this as a freebie. Click below to download the pattern in PDF form. You’ll also need 1 ¼” elastic for the waist, and 1” elastic for the leg straps. Feel free to experiment with different elastics! All measurements are suggestions and can be adjusted for your comfort. There is also a video tutorial available below. If you can’t view the video, please check out my YouTube channel:


Finally, as I mentioned before, I have a lot planned for October. I’m hoping to make all available before the end of the month (I’m thinking of taking December off!). So, here’s what’s in store for October!

  • Posing Suit (like bodybuilders wear), in 2-views (1-with elastic at CB, 1-witout elastic + drawstring)
  • Full waist open rear underwear (similar to the backless jock, but the waist fabric goes all the way around the waist.
  • Full engineered pouch jockstrap in 2-views
  • Bodysuit in 2-views
  • Wrestling singlet
  • Basic Tights in 2-views

I told you I’ve been busy! Please keep the suggestions coming for patterns you would like to have available. I’m also working on some woven patterns, but those probably won’t come out until the beginning of the New Year.

As always, THANK YOU for shopping my patterns!

Have a beautiful and blessed week!


Print below pattern in "Actual Size"